Flux - continuous change

Flow - to move in a steady and continuous way 

Seattle massage therapist - kevin hartley  Photo Credit:  Eric Hartley

Seattle massage therapist - kevin hartley

Photo Credit: Eric Hartley

Kevin Hartley, LMT

Before going into Massage Therapy, I had a variety of different high-paced careers. While in college I studied Recreation Park and Tourism Sciences, which furthered my love and appreciation of the outdoors, as well as led me into a career in restaurant management. Later, I worked as a dispatcher and a messenger, delivering everything from food, boxes, long tubes, lost keys and just about anything else you can imagine via bicycle/scooter/motorcycle/auto depending on the situation. In a similar way, I use different tools and approaches to foster relaxation and healing in each person I work with, paying attention to both the energetic and physical flux and flow of the mind/body.

Unfortunately, I learned about pain and recovery through many injuries I sustained while working as a messenger. However that pain has given me a unique perspective to draw from in helping people to overcome pain and dysfunction in their lives. I've gained valuable first hand knowledge and understanding in scar tissue release and the emotional side of pain and how the patterns our bodies go into after trauma can be reset. I use my intuition and creative problem solving skills to work with you in an individual way, rather than simply following a set routine.

In my free time, I enjoy staying active, which has always been a priority in my recovery process. Cycling, roller skating, and stand up paddle boarding are some of my favorite activities.