Highly professional, genuine and talented!

"By targeting fascia, Kevin's therapeutic technique can range from subtle to intense in sensation, but consistently effective and fascinating! I love working with a therapist who can clearly explain their process and help me understand my body's imbalances from an anatomical view. My work and hobbies are physically strenuous, and Kevin clearly understands the specific ways in which my chef work and bouldering/rock climbing strain my body, so I'm looking forward to continuing to work with him! I've never had a therapist who does house calls before, and it's so stress free!.... so long as you're understanding that traffic in Seattle is unpredictable and he's accommodating YOU by traveling across town, so just give yourself a wide window to relax."



"Kevin is an exceptional practitioner who really listens to your concerns.  He can find the places, muscles, or regions of your body that are in need of work intuitively.  He does not just address areas of discomfort or pain: he goes to the sometimes surprising origin of the problem, and he takes a whole-body approach.  The work he has done with me to release the blockages and adhesions from a surgical scar has had a profound impact on my life, reducing pain and enabling me to have improved posture and mobility in my body.  Kevin is a pleasure to work with and I always look forward to the days I have a treatment from him.  I can't recommend him highly enough!" 



"Kevin was the answer to my pain! My husband & I were visiting from out of town. After the flight, a neck/shoulder injury that can be compounded by stress flared up. I was not myself & not feeling well. My husband was able to book an appointment with Kevin. Kevin was professional and knowledgeable. He is passionate about the therapy he can give! Kevin provided me with myofascial release therapy. It was unlike traditional massages I had before (no lotion or kneading), but provided me with much needed relief by finding the pressure points that were holding tension."



"I think Kevin was born with the ability to become a massage therapist—he is a natural! I have a belly full of scar tissue from surgery years ago that’s stuck to all my internal organs, and I now have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Every time Kevin works on me, I can honestly feel scar tissue letting go inside me. He does not use lotion, but his hands are so intuitive and pick up problem areas that I don’t even know I have. Sometimes my lower back hurts so bad on the left side that I can hardly stand it; but he might say he thinks the source of the problem is on the right side. So he works on the right side and it’s like he pushes a button, and the pain shoots to the left side—a few minutes of working on it, and the pain is gone. I was in physical therapy for my hips and back for a while, and they highly support massage therapy. A year ago, I couldn’t walk across a parking lot without pain and being exhausted afterward. Now, I don’t even remember what that felt like. I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin Hartley if you have any kind of problems or just want a relaxing experience!"



Extremely talented and generous energy worker

"Kevin is fantastic to work with because he's absolutely so generous with his time, talent and energy. I highly recommend Kevin for anyone who needs therapeutic massage. The fact that he does house calls is icing on the cake."



Highly recommend

"Kevin did a great job for both of us. We had to reschedule due to illness. His communication throughout that was excellent. The massages were very focused on finding what was causing pain, not just relieving it. That was just what we needed. Highly recommend."



Expert in his craft

"Kevin is a true professional and an expert in his work. I was having some neck pain and he came within 2 hours. I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a life changing massage. I will defiantly be becoming a regular."



Not to be missed!

"Setup was a breeze with Kevin. I made a last minute request for an hour, and within a hour he was there. His professional demeanor was comforting. Kevin came with all of the supplies you would expect a Licensed Massage Therapist to have. He seems very knowledgeable in his craft and his skill shows he cares about making you feel relaxed. During the massage he operated with clear communication which was appreciated. I will definitely be having him back soon."



"Kevin was great. He communicated back to me right away and was prompt in getting to my home. He listened to the issues that I was having with my neck and took the time to explain things and address the area of pain."



"Kevin came to my house on short notice, on time in spite of a long drive through Seattle, and did a great job. He has wonderful strong hands, is very tuned in to what he's doing, communicated well, was both friendly and professional. He used myofascial release massage, which worked really well on me. I love that he can travel to me, as it's hard for me to get out much due to health issues."