I intention myself into the tissue asking with my hands, "What needs to be released and how do we need to do that? Thus a physical and energetic dialogue begins between two individuals to discover what changes are possible. The kinetic energy from the tension placed in your tissue by my hands causes a re-evaluation of the fascial network. As the fascia feels a change in pressure from what it's used to, tiny incremental shifts begin to occur. I tune into those shifts, moving with them to unwind the places that need to be set free. My energetic intention is to ask the fascia to relax enough for it to release its hold from surrounding places so we can get a positive shift to begin to roll through your body. This might bring about physical changes, emotional changes, energetic shifts or most likely, a healthy blend of what's needed to bring the highest good to your entire Being.

From a physical standpoint, I approach the entire body in a three-dimensional, connected way, using myofascial techniques to help relieve muscular/neural tension and scar tissue. I use the body's rhythm to foster deep relaxation and healing in each person I work with, paying attention to subtle cues and crafting treatment unique to each individual. 

Fascia is the connective tissue which surrounds every muscle fiber, nerve, bone and organ holding them in place as you move around. Fascia usually reacts to trauma by tightening up and protecting the body. This trauma can be either physical or emotional and the result is quite similar. Ever had tight “muscles” when you get stressed out, butterflies in your stomach, a literal heart-ache in the center of your chest from the loss of a loved one or a relationship? This tight tissue can get stuck as it tries to add stability to your body. Fascial Release can let both the physical and the emotional issues limiting your body to let go and relax. I see the fascia as the energetic bridge between our physical and emotional selves and because of the fascia, these parts of us are not separate as we like to believe.

Intuitive Fascial Release

People tend to find me because they need bodywork from a different perspective. They have had plenty of massage in the past and while it feels great, their body goes back into old patterns each time in a matter of days. I'd say I think outside the box, but I'm not sure if there is a box. I let intuition guide me to the source of the problem which is often hiding in the last place you would look, like working abdomen to release low back pain or chest and ribcage release to help neck and shoulder tension. Intuitive Fascial Release differs from “traditional” massage in that I typically don’t use lotion. I use slight tension or compression in your tissue, holding it a few moments until the fascia begins to relax and unwind using your body’s speed and rate of change to follow and release the tension at the depth ideal for your tissue. This allows very deep work without you realizing it and without your body fighting back which is common in “deep tissue” massage. Because we work with the flow of your body, a deep relaxing mental state can be achieved, helping to increase range of motion, reduce pain, nerve pain/tingling, digestive issues and improve posture. Intuitive Fascial Release is difficult to describe without experiencing it physically. Common buzzwords that are used in the industry are Myofascial Release, but now we know that fascia effects so much more than just the (myo-) muscles.

Scar Tissue Release

Scar tissue is just bound up fascia that had to be formed quickly in response to the physical trauma of tissue damage, so Fascial Release is perfect for it. Because of my extensive injuries, I have valuable first-hand experience in scar tissue behavior from both client and therapist perspectives. I tend to attract people suffering from scar tissue restrictions even when I haven't publicized it. Feeling the freedom of movement from receiving this work in my own extensive web of scars has been impressive. I know how scar tissue thinks and operates because I've felt it from the inside. Scars grab on to each other for stability deep within the fascial web if you have more than one, adding to restrictions in your body. I have worked with multiple clients with abdominal scars and low back pain who have never had a bodyworker suggest scar tissue work in the front to help release the back. I will do that work and make that suggestion because I have felt the benefits. In the same way, many clients have come to me with neck, upper and mid back pain only to find out it was directly related to scars from breast cancer, reconstruction and/or reduction surgeries that no one ever told them could be an issue in their recovery process. Once the ribcage is allowed to move more independently from the scars, neck and back pain can decrease dramatically, breathing comes easier and posture begins to improve. I am completely at-ease doing this work in sensitive areas according to your comfort level. Scar tissue release can be life-changing as there are often emotional and energetic wounds tied into our physical scars. As the scars are released, the emotions helping to bind that tissue can come forward to be dealt with. Any additional stress that enters your life usually manifests first by tightening up scar tissue, thereby increasing pain and I have experienced this first-hand. Ten years after shattering my knee and ankle and I continue to see improved range of motion and reduction of pain in my left leg into my pelvis each time I receive this work. 

Reiki/Energy Healing

I have completed Reiki Master Teacher Level and will add this work into my sessions according to each client's request. I feel that I have always done energy work, but just never had a frame of reference or understanding of what was going on. As my bodywork journey continued, it became clear to me that there was far more going on when I'm working with people than I was willing to let myself believe. When I was ready, the right teachers came into my life and I sought deeper training in the energetic aspect of healing. Now that I'm open to this world of possibilities my bodywork has become even more meaningful. I can do entire sessions of strictly energy work or sessions focused exclusively on bodywork. If you're ready for it though, blending the two together can be amazing! 

What can be released from the past and from the future so you can enjoy your entire being in the Now? Once the mind/body lets go of what has happened in the past and stops being anxious about what might happen in the future, you can begin to find freedom in your body like you've never experienced before.